19th edition

Sunday 7 October 2018
11 AM - 5 PM


Oberstrasse 96
51149 Cologne (Porz-Westhoven)

Food & Beverage

At the counter in the main Exhibition Hall
you can buy sandwiches and drinks.
For more elaborate dishes we recommend Gastwerk im Engelshof
at the other side of the courtyard



Workshop Bookbinding

by Thekla Ahrens
for everyone from 6 to 99 years old
Make a book with illustrations by Maaike Haneveld
Start: 12.00 and (later at times to be determined later)
(it takes ca. 60 minutes)
costs: € 10,00 p.p.
Inscription: or tel.: +31(0)6 37 53 1918,
or in advance on the spot

Workshop Make a little book out of milkcarton

by Akira Matsumoto
Start: 13.30 uur – Takes ca 45 minutes – costs: € 6,00

Workshop paperdipping

by Akira Matsumoto
Just sit down and join in!


Inden witten Hasewint (Henk de Groot)
Parchment cut rectangularly
Coloured parchments (various colours)
Parchments with small imperfections at marked down prices.
Skins of giant eels in black and brown

De Boekenmarkt – Boektotaal
Italian decorated papers:
Normally 2,25 Euro per sheet
During the Fair: 5 sheets for 10 Euro

Nicola Denuell
Demonstrations of calligraphy
calligraphied cards and plates
New: handwritten umbrellas and coasters

Kalligrafiewerkplaats Ludo Versteijlen
Demonstrations of calligraphy
Template for drawing lines for various lettersizes. Easy and fast.
Handtied XXL reed pens (up to 14 mms)

Kashmir Heritage
startersset for blockprinting (mat, 2 dabbingsponges, set of printingcolours in black, white, red, blue and yellow) for € 34,- ( reduction of € 5,-)

iBookBinding Stephan Chizhov
3D printed bookbinding tools
3D printed moulds for paperdipping with customized watermarks
Book scanning frame for use with smartphones

Harmatan & Oakridge Leathers Ltd
Free bag with every leather skin purchased!

See also the comprehensive list of participants elsewhere on this website

You will find everything here
on one single day and on one single location

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